The rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague, a major employer and a major organisation with a high concentration of its people in the Prague 6 city district, is taking measures aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus infection in Prague 6.

Prague 6 is one of the first parts of the capital city to have a confirmed case of Covid – 19 infection. Since the Dejvice campus in Prague 6 is a major centre, with a high concentration of students and academic staff, and it is also used by residents of Prague 6 and by employees of companies based in Prague 6, there is a higher probability than in other parts of the city of a rapid spread into the community. For this reason, in collaboration with the mayor of Prague 6, the public health authorities in Prague and the Ministry of Health, regulating measures to limit the risk of transmitting a latent infection have been announced by the rector of CTU.

The measures mainly involve stopping classes from tomorrow, i.e. 10. 3. 2020, until 22. 3. 2020, with a possibility of an extension according to the development of the whole situation. The measures include cancelling all travel abroad, and no visitors will be received from abroad. All CTU conferences and social activities in Prague and on CTU premises are stopped, and a system has been set up to provide added protection for CTU staff in high-risk groups.

All of these measures have been taken on the basis of a detailed analysis of possible impacts of an epidemic, and the character of the development of the disease. The leaders of all parts of the university have come together to cover the risks as far as possible. The proposed measures were discussed at a meeting of the Council of the Rector of CTU today, and were unanimously supported by all faculties and by all other elements of CTU in Prague. The main aim is to reduce the likelihood of the concealed spread of the disease on premises with large numbers of people, and to protect people with a heightened risk of suffering serious consequences as result of a coronavirus infection.

Since the end of January, the rector of CTU has been in intensive contact with the Minister of Health and with the public health authorities in Prague, as students from abroad have been returning to the university since the beginning of February for the new semester, and it was necessary to limit all risks. Since CTU is an important part of the Prague 6 city district, the rector has been in contact with the mayor of Prague 6, and he offered to supply hand gel disinfectant produced at CTU to the Prague 6 community.

“It is necessary to have in mind that the growth curve of infected people behaves in the same way everywhere. After slow initial growth there is a sharp uncontrollable growth phase. This model can be observed in Korea, Japan, Germany and Italy, and the same will in all probability happen in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is now in the phase of slow, controlled growth. At this time, how steep the curve will be depends on preparedness, and on the measures taken to suppress transmission from people with an undetected infection. There is no need at all for panic, but it is appropriate to reduce the risk of transmission, and for that reason, after deep consideration with the leadership of CTU, I have issued an order bringing further safety measures into action.”

On reducing the risk of infection by coronavirus was issued (9th of March, 2020) new ​Rector’s Order no. 7/2020.