Bulletin for Industry 4.0 – Cybersecurity / Testbeds for Industry 4.0


This year’s fourth issue of Bulletin for Industry 4.0 focuses on important industrial topics such as Cybersecurity and Testbeds for Industry 4.0.

Bulletin for Industry 4.0 2019/04

From the content:

  • The need to share data poses serious cybersecurity threats to industrial companies. How to build a successful data-driven business and eliminate cyber threats at the same time?
  • International Data Spaces Association deals with secure data sharing and opens up a hub in the Czech Republic
  • Sensitive data in mobile telephones can be protected by Chimera software developed at Technical University of Ostrava
  • National Competence Centre for Cybersecurity at Technical University in Brno deals with safety of communication infrastructure for Industry 4.0
  • What are the visions for development of Testbed for Industry 4.0? Take advantage of a great opportunity to visit it during an Open House Day.
  • Ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence conference showed trends in development of Czech AI. Confederation of Industry mapped AI development in Czech companies in a unique survey.
  • Siemens applies the highest cybersecurity standards common in banking industry to securing data in production companies.
  • Cyber attacks: it is vital to cover both technical as well as legal aspects of cyber security. What to watch out for?

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