CTU team placed 4th in the F1TENTH Autonomous Grand Prix

autonomous F1/10

The CTU student team “driver_final_pls_work.py” succeeded in the Virtual competition of the 10th F1TENTH Autonomous Grand Prix and placed in the 4th place in the final race. The team consists of students Jiří Janota, Adam Jirkovský, Rose Lu, Royce Lu, and Pierre Casimiro (from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Erasmus exchange students) supervised by David Zahrádka from the Intelligent and mobile robotics group, CIIRC.

There were 43 teams registered for the virtual competition. Only 17 teams were able to qualify for the main race. The qualification consists of time trial races and the CTU team achieved the sixth-best lap time.

The main race is organized as an elimination head-to-head race, where two teams are racing two laps. The car that hits the finish line first (twice from three races) advanced to the next round. The CTU team beat the teams of the University of Central Florida and IIT Kahragpur in the head-to-head races. Unfortunately, the CTU formula lost to Gyeongsang National University and University Korea and ends in 4th place.

More info on F1Tenth competition https://f1tenth.org/
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F1TENTH Autonomous Racing is a semi-regular competition organized by an international community of researchers, engineers, and autonomous systems enthusiasts. The teams participating in 10th F1TENTH Grand Prix at ICRA 2022 will build a 1:10 scaled autonomous race car according to a given specification and write software for it to fulfill the objectives for the competition: Don’t crash and minimize laptime.

Photo: Roman Sejkot, CIIRC
Text: Karel Košnar, IMR, CIIRC

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