From Prague to Silicon Valley


The young scientist, Filip Masri, has broken through and succeeded in bringing awareness of the Czech Republic to the global IT center of Silicon Valley. At the beginning of his journey, he was a member in the CTU eClub (founded by Jan Šedivý – Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics).

Filip Masri – graduate from the Czech Technical University (Bachelor’s degree at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Master´s at Faculty of Information Technology), member of CTU eClub supported by MediaLab Foundation 2016 – 2017). The theme of his project in eClub was to create a complete RDF database for a particular domain, which can be used by the bot through SPARQL queries. His mentor was Jan Šedivý (CIIRC), who also supervised his Master diploma thesis entitled „Automatic ontology learning from semi-structured data“ and helped him to find work abroad and gave his recommendation.

Filip currently works on a yearly internship at PARC, a research center in Silicon Valley, where he analyzes unstructured data within a specific domain. He believes that unstructured data, such as medical texts or contracts, is a perfect example of a future application of this approach.

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