The Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC) is the Czech Technical University institute. CIIRC was established by (now previous) rector Prof. Vaclav Havlicek on July 1, 2013. CIIRC has been growing since from a small seed.

  1. CIIRC creates a research and teaching workplace providing a science supporting atmosphere and working conditions heading at excellence, quality and conducting internationally competitive research.
  2. CIIRC is open to international and domestic experts. It aims at attracing them as employees or as collaborators.
  3. CIIRC is open to mutually advantageous collaboration with other parts of CTU, with other Czech universities, with the Czech Academy of Sciences, with the industry, and with similar international bodies.
  4. CIIRC has been growing from a small seed. New research teams are created and they develop. The new building is under construction for CIIRC in the CTU Dejvice campus. The building should be ready in early 2016.
  5. CIIRC has created the environment supporting the know-how transfer to industry and other application areas and educates towards it.
  6. CIIRC has become a place of the interdisciplinary cooperation, which is natural in informatics, robotics, and cybernetics.
  7. CIIRC explores  a self-rule mechanism  for directing its activities, mainly its own internal academic body – the Assembly of CIIRC Senior Scientists.

Responsible: V. Hlaváč