CIIRC aspirations

CIIRC ambition is to conduct high profile research, contribute to teaching, attract students to research, establish the R&D infrastructure, and the open creative academic environment such that

  1. CIIRC attracts top foreign and domestic experts, as employees, Ph.D. students, other students, collaborators and provides them the appealing working place.
  2. CIIRC enables concentrating up to eleven current CTU Centers of Excellence or Centers of competence funded by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic and operating at CTU at one location.
  3. CIIRC opens the space for mutually beneficial cooperation with CTU faculties and institutes, with other universities, with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, with industrial R&D, companies, and analogical foreign institutions.
  4. CIIRC keeps exploring the initiative and support of the CTU rector Prof. Petr Konvalinka, who aims at having CIIRC as a pattern for the horizontal collaboration at CTU.
  5. CIIRC attempts that the project CTU-CIIRC will be a tool for the Prague city to co-finance its R&D activities interconnected with education from EC structural funds in the financial period 2014-2020.

Responsible: Václav Hlaváč