Open positions

Two CIIRC CTU research projects hire new researchers, i.e IMPACT (Intelligent Machine Perception Project) and R4I (Robotics for Industry 4.0).

Are you interested in becoming a CIIRC member?

Employees of CIIRC are divided (Statut CIIRC, Article 5) by the type of their work into academic staff, nonacademic staff, and technical-administrative or economic staff. The recruitment of all employees complies with the general legislation of the Czech Republic. Nonacademic staff, and technical-administrative an economic staff performes nonacademic activities, e.g. technical work on research projects and in laboratories, and administrative and other support of academic activities. Academic staff members have to also meet the requirements of the Career Rules for CIIRC Academic Staff and of the CIIRC Attestation Procedure. Academic staff members may qualify as a) Ph.D. student employed in CIIRC, b) CIIRC Postdoc, c) CIIRC Assistant Researcher, d) CIIRC Researcher, e) CIIRC Senior Researcher. The qualification is determined in a CIIRC attestation hearing, which is based on the information provided by applicants in the CIIRC Attestation Form for Academic Employee. Please contact CIIRC Human Resources Manager Mrs. Mgr. Zuzana Hochmeisterová to get the complete information about career opportunities in CIIRC and CIIRC recruitment proceedures.

Responsible: Zuzana Hochmeisterová