CIIRC buildings under construction

CIIRC has used the opportunity, which opened for Prague in EU Structural Funds for the first time. The project application for funding from the EU operational program named Research and Development for Innovation (abbreviated VaVpI from its Czech name), Call 3.4. The construction of a new Building A and a substantial rebuilding of the existing Technicka Menza, (Building B, the current student and staff dinning facility) is part of the project.

The outcome of the VaVpI proposal evaluation in April 2014 was that the application succeeded but the available finances for the Call 3.4 do not suffice to cover it. The Czech Prime Minister B. Sobotka announced the increase of the corresponding budget in May 2014. The public bid for the ČVUT CIIRC buildings construction was evaluated and the construction company selected. The proposed building cost by the public bid winner exceeded the available funds. The ČVUT rector Prof. Petr Konvalinka negotiated that the construction will be paid initially from the Czech Government budget, still complying to the EU Structural Funds rules. It will open the possibility for the government to reclaim part of this investment from the EU later. The available funds will cover construction of the Building A, Building B and the equipment in them needed for research.

SignatureThe building permit was granted on September 10, 2014. The agreement between ČVUT and the construction company Hochtief a.s., the winner of the public bit, in the total amoung of CZK 1.18 billion (approx. EUR 43 million) was signed in Bethlehem Chapel (the CTU festive hall) on October 15, 2014. The ČVUT CIIRC buildings construction started on November 7, 2014. As seen from today’s perspective at ČVUT CIIRC buildings, the building B will be likely finished in June 2016 and the building A in July 2016. Both buildings should be populated in summer 2016. It was decided that the ČVUT Rectors office and several departments of the Faculty of Electrical engineering will be moved to Buildings A, B of ČVUT CIIRC.

Responsible: Václav Hlaváč