CIIRC has the privilege of having great employees, as well as other cooperating colleagues from the Czech Technical University in Prague and other institutions. Especially important group of people are students who either follow classes taught by CIIRC academics or are supervised by them in their bachelor, master, doctoral theses. Students also contribute to R&D projects conducted in CIIRC.

CIIRC members (an informal concept which yields flexibilty) are: CIIRC employees, CIIRC collaborators, CIIRC supporters, visitors and students collaborating with the people above, e.g. as collaborators on projects or pursuing their qualification theses. CIIRC members have access to CIIRC internal web pages.

The submenus provide several views to CIIRC people. The All CIIRC employees list provides a quick glimpse. The list is alphabetically ordered and it is searchable. The item You@CIIRC provides information to colleagues and students who consider joining CIIRC activities.

Responsible: Zuzana Hochmeisterová