The very first movie in which you can speak with conversational AI


You can watch the movie here:

Students from CTU and Charles University from the Alquist team, in collaboration with Rebel &Glory and CoFilm, created the very first experimental movie which can be controlled by the viewer’s voice. “The Story of Alquist” connects the latest technology with the film production to create an innovative and interactive experience for the audience. The whole application is exclusively in English, and it aims to demonstrate current technological possibilities. It’s available for free on the internet or via Google Play.

During The Story of Alquist, we are following a story of two young people trying to uncover the secrets of an abandoned factory. The story is inspired by the famous theatre play called R.U.R. by Karel Čapek, in which the word robot was used for the first time and in which a character named Alquist also appears.


Under the leadership of Jan Šedivý from CIIRC CTU, students from the Alquist team also develop conversational AI for the Alexa Prize, organized by the American giant Amazon. In 2017, they finished second in the overall, and they participate in the finals again this year. The final ceremony will take place at the end of November in Las Vegas. We will, of course, inform about their position this year at our pages.


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