Representatives of European Union and European Commission visited CIIRC and Testbed


Joint mission of European Union and European Commission visited the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics on Thursday October 25 with the aim to learn more about the functioning of the Institute and the National Centre for Industry 4.0.

The delegation which included ambassadors from several European countries, highest EC representatives in charge of research, development and digitalization areas as well as the Czech representation with EU in Brussels visited CIIRC CUT as part of its busy two-day program in the Czech Republic focused on mapping development and innovation.

Professors Vladimir Kucera and Vaclav Hlavac together with Roman Holy welcomed the delegation on behalf of CIIRC and NCP 4.0. Dr. Josef Šivic and Dr. Petr Kadera helped introduce the institute and its research teams in a short presentation.

Participants of the mission which brought ambassadors of Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, France and Slovakia as well as the Czech EU ambassador Jaroslav Zajíček together with other high EC representatives appreciated not only CIIRC‘s representative meeting room on the top floor which offers unforgettable views of the Prague Castle but mainly the many interesting research project that are carried out in here. The two-hour visit was concluded by a tour of Testbed for Industry 4.0 where the delegation was introduced to the experimental production line for smart factories.

The delegates were impressed by technology 4.0 demonstrations and coffee from the „hand“of our robotic barista was a pleasant end to their visit. CIIRC was picked as one of the four technology centres for the EU and EC joint mission to visit alongside with Škoda Mladá Boleslav production facility, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and laser centre ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany.