Library of software modules for modelling, control, and optimization of processes and systems

Result of project: National Competence Center – Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence
ID project: TN01000024
Sub-project: Complex systems for scheduling, planning, and control
Type of result: Software

The library consists of compact software utilities and modules implemented within various levels of industrial/power-engineering information and control systems following the concept of Industry 4.0.

For the implementation level, various control system modules are implemented, including utilities for their parameters tuning. In particular, adaptive algorithms for efficiency maximization of AC electric motors based on temperature measurement/estimation are provided in a form of model reference blocks in MATLAB Simulink with the possibility of direct automatic C/C++ code generation. Then, model-based modules for monitoring and optimization of complex systems are developed. For the process management level, algorithms are implemented for robotic production lines and industrial communication protocols. Finally, simulation models of various technological components are applied in hardware-in-the-loop tests.