VII.b AAL: Advanced ICT for medical diagnostics and rehabilitation

Head of the group
Name: Daniel Novák
Phone: +(420) 224 357 314
Email: xnovakd1(at)

The research activities are centered on assistive technology which improves physical or mental functions of persons having these functions for various reasons reduced. We focus on the development of mobile technologies supporting cognitive function (elderly, patients with dementia). Further direction are enhancement of the patient adherence in long-term treatment such as diabetes mellitus. In addition, we cope with prediction of relapse of some psychiatric diagnoses (schizophrenia or bipolar affective disorder) using telemetric monitoring changes in social rhythmicity. Another area is the development of ICT technologies for rehabilitation in ophthalmology.

Finally, we address research questions in rehabilitation of Parkinsons patients, namely interpretation of data obtained from deep brain stimulation. This topic is studied in close cooperation with a team of prof. Jech in Department of Neurology, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University.

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Responsible: Daniel Novák