VI.b COM: Cognitive modeling

Head of the group
Name: Michal Vavrečka
Phone: +(420) 224 357 609
Email: vavrecka(at)

The goal of the COM research group is to design and develop cognitive architecture stemming from interdisciplinary approach (psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience and robotics). We are successfully testing an architecture for knowledge representation and language acquisition that is based on epigenetic robotics. We adopt mainly machine learning and parametric modelling algorithms. These architectures are directly applicable to robotic systems where they can serve for their control that is based on imitation of human cognitive abilities. In contrast to classical robotic systems, this approach is based on bottom up representation of environment  (e.g. observation, imitation learning, analogy and mental simulations). We are open to collaboration with other European groups.

Responsible: Michal Vavrečka