II.e BDC: Big data and cloud computing

Head of the group
Name: Jan Šedivý
Phone: +(420) 224 357 597
Email: jan.sedivy(at)ciirc.cvut.cz

The goal of the BDC group  is research in the field of cloud technologies. This includes intelligent algorithms for Internet applications, data centers, mobile and Internet of Things. Most of our projects take advantage of our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, specifically in machine learning and analytics. One of the biggest strength is our cooperation with many industrial partners primarily with several Internet companies on solving real industrial problems. They are not only a source of real problems but also a valuable source of data for our research. Examples of the industry cooperation are successful projects from the field of SEPR results ranking, learning to rank, learning from interaction, email spam classification, documents classification, various types of text processing, load balancing and scaling in cloud centers, etc. Recently we are also involved in research and design of the software infrastructure for IoT. Our vision is classification, prediction, and context processing of the Internet data from all available sources. Traditionally we work with a lot of students in all educational levels from BSc to PhD.

Responsible: Jan Šedivý