II.a ISI: Intelligent systems for industry and smart distribution networks

Head of the group
Name: Petr Kadera
Phone: +(420) 224 354 172
Email: petr.kadera(at)cvut.cz

The ISI group is focused on the research and proof-of-concept implementation of intelligent management and control systems for smart factories and smart grids. The key topics are Cyber-physical Systems, Systems of Systems, Internet of Things, Internet of Services, Big Data, Semantic web and Linked data. The goal is to design new concepts, methods, and software platforms that contribute to the implementation of the Industry 4.0 vision – the sensors, machines, humans, work pieces, factories, and other systems are connected over the Internet and are able to communicate and coordinate their activities via advertising and consuming services. The Cyber-Physical systems concept is employed to enable the vitual software components to be interlinked with the physical devices and machines. The same principles are applied also to smart grids area with focus on intelligent demand-supply balancing in microgrids.

The ISI group is running the Rockwell Automation laboratory for Intelligent Distributed Control established at CIIRC with the main focus on semantically enhanced Big Data concepts for manufacturing.

The group’s web pages with detailed information: http://isi.ciirc.cvut.cz/

Responsible: Petr Kadera