II.b ITS: Intelligent transportation systems

Head of the group
Name: Pavel Hrubeš
Phone: +(420) 224 359 974
Email: hrubes(at)fd.cvut.cz

The group is focused on research and implementation of telematics systems and their applications in transport with respect to the interactions like human-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to- infrastructure. The main research topics are as follows: driver-vehicle interfaces, advanced assistance and control vehicle systems, autonomous vehicles, complex, reliable and effective communication tools for mobile media, transportation-information services (for vehicles/passengers), vehicle localization technologies and models of spatial data describing transportation problems.

The group ITS develops and operates a platform for research and assessments of the driver behavior (advanced driving passenger car simulator equipped with systems for measurement of driving outputs and psychophysiological outputs). The platform is a basic toolbox and source of data for investigation in HMI, assessment of ergonomics and user acceptance of contemporary and future systems of modern cars.

Responsible: Pavel Hrubeš