II.d KSO: Knowledge systems and ontologies

Head of the group
Name: Zdeněk Zdráhal
Phone: +()
Email: zdenek.zdrahal(at)ciirc.cvut.cz

The KSO group focuses on the research and implementation of knowledge systems with the focus on the following topics: ontologies (design, conceptualization, formal ontologies, data integration), knowledge systems technologies, computational methods for knowledge systems (semantic web, rule-based systems, semantic analysis, Bayessian decision systems, decision trees). We are working on the design and implementation of decision systems with the applications that include predictive analysis in educational processess (university and secondary education, MOOCs, e-learning, industrial training), Learning Analytics, Educational Data Mining, trend predictions in dynamic processess, recommender systems and proces mining.

The KSO group colaborates with the Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, UK, which is the leading inovator in the area of distant education and learning.

Responsible: Zdeněk Zdráhal