V.a DCM: Design and control of machines and products

Head of the group
Name: Tomáš Vyhlídal
Phone: +(420) 224 352 877
Email: tomas.vyhlidal(at)fs.cvut.cz

The research team focuses on application of advanced computational methods, design procedures and innovative algorithms in development, production and control of mechanical and mechatronic systems, processes and products. The motivation for this research of rather complex nature comes from the increased demand for innovative, efficient, reliable solutions with high potential to succeed commercially at globalised markets in the current situation of increased costs and demands of energy and commodities. In the framework of both fundamental and applied research, the team currently focuses on the following topics:

  • Control design of distributed parameter systems and systems with time delays, with applications for example in control of (material/heat) transportation systems, indoor-climate control of buildings, vibration suppression systems.
  • Algorithms for optimized monitoring and control of metallurgic and steel producing industry (furnace technologies, milling processes) – solved within the Competence Center – Centre for applied Cybernetics 3.
  • Novel concepts of (cooperative) robots for applications in machining, nuclear energy, medical (surgery) applications, biotechnological processes. Research includes design of innovative flexible constructions, precise drives and gearings, fast and robust control algorithms.

The long term research plans of the team then include the following topics:

  • Design of advanced motion drives and their control methods
  • Light-weight constructions, particularly in car industry
  • Future concepts of machine tools, rapid prototyping units, eco-design of processing machines
  • Composite constructions of machines and robots

As covering all these interdisciplinary topics by a single research team is hardly possible, research is being performed in an extensive collaboration with other research teams at the CIIRC platform as well as with the departments of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at CTU. The stress is also laid on collaboration of the team with top research institutions, particularly in EU (for example the team has collaborated with KU Leuven, Fraunhofer institute, CNRS) and US (e.g. Northeastern University Boston, Univesity of Connecticut, Georgia Tech).

Responsible: Tomáš Vyhlídal