IV.b IMR: Intelligent and mobile robotics

Head of the group
Name: Libor Přeučil
Phone: +(1)
Email: libor.preucil(at)ciirc.cvut.cz

Research activities of Intelligent and Mobile Robotics group (IMR) are driven by an overall goal to research, investigate and build truly intelligent autonomous mobile robots. To elaborate autonomous systems, that are ready to operate in real, every-day and human-oriented indoor and outdoor environments, over long periods of time.

To achieve this goal, major research topics of IMR are targeted to:

  • Sensing of the environment
  • Sensor data processing and understanding
  • World model building and keeping
  • Robust localization
  • Autonomous navigation
  • Robot planning and decision-making
  • Multi-robot systems

Addressing the problems of (not only):

  • UGV and micro UAV robot systems
  • Long-term autonomy for real environments
  • Bio-inspired robotics, swarm and evolutionary robotics
  • Human-robot interaction

The IMR group provides a distance e-learning system SyRoTek  offering education in bachelor and master courses under the Open Informatics and Cybernetics and Robotics study programs as well as a range of topics for bachelor and master theses related to mobile robotics.

IMR is principal founder of the Center for Advanced Field Robotics (CAFR) and representative of CAFR at CTU in Prague. The center focuses efficient cooperation between other robotics R&D parties in Czech Republic creating a critical mass for efficient transfer of research and development results into industrial practice and products.

The IMR group continues more than 20 years of experience within the Gerstner Laboratory for Intelligent Decision-Making at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where IMR has grown and acted prior to foundation of the CIIRC, both at CTU in Prague.

Responsible: Libor Přeučil