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I. CYPHY: Cyber-physical systems

A new generation of systems with the ability to interact with, and expand the capabilities of, the physical world through computation, communication, and control is a key enabler for future technology developments. Complex systems and systems of systems that interact with each other as well as with humans through many new modalities will give rise to the Internet of Things. New frameworks, algorithms, methods, and tools are researched and developed to satisfy the high reliability and security requirements for heterogeneous cooperating components that interact through a complex, coupled physical environment operating over many spatial and temporal scales.

Head of the department

Name: Michael Šebek
Phone: +(420) 224 357 201
Email: michael.sebek(at)cvut.cz

Opportunities and research challenges include the design and development of next-generation airplanes and space vehicles, autonomous urban driving, multi-vehicular systems such as platoons of cars without drivers, formations of unmanned aerial vehicles, adaptation and learning over complex networks, modelling and control of electric power generation, network transmission and electricity market, smart grid optimization, micro- and nano-manipulation including noncontact manipulation by shaping force fields, control for electrokinetics and microfluidics, identification and control of nano-scale structures, space craft and space mission controls as well as space informatics.