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V. IPA: Industrial Production and Automation

The IPA department is a joint department of CIIRC and Faculty of mechanical engineering. The research scope is on theory of time delayed systems and its application, robotics, production machines and process. Across all mentioned areas, design of devices, movement and operation control based on sensor data processed with mathematical models are typical research approaches. The research results are applied in wide spectra of industrial production processes in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Machine and process control (MPC)

Head of the Group: Tomáš Vyhlídal, tomas.vyhlidal@fs.cvut.cz

The DCM group has research focus on two main topics: systems with time delay and active vibration suppression. The research results are applied in power generation industry, heavy industry (e.g. iron production). Methods of active non-collocated vibration absorption are intended for industrial robots and complex mechanical structures.

Efficient Production (EFP)

Head of the Group: Petr Kolář, p.kolar@rcmt.cvut.cz

The EFP group is focused on production machines and processes. The focus is on three levels: research of physical principles of additive and subtractive production processes, tool path planning and movement control of production machines and process data collection and subsequent processing for improved production technology control. The group is also running the lower part of the Testbed for Industry 4.0, a part of CIIRC key research facility.

Simulation, Optimization and Measurement (SOM)

Head of the Group: Michael Valášek, michael.valasek@fs.cvut.cz

The SOM group is focused on design and optimization of advanced robotic concepts. Simulation of interaction between the robot mechanical structure, drives and control and well as special measurement setups for experimental identification of the system behavior are the key activities of the group.

Prototype Workshop (PRO)

Head of the Group: Jan Smolík, j.smolik@rcmt.cvut.cz

The prototype workshop team offers and ensures the construction, development and commissioning of physical experimental equipment and samples used for the research activities of other groups in the CIIRC. Anyone from the CIIRC team can contact the Prototype Workshop with a request for solutions for the development and implementation of equipment, test stands and samples, and the Prototype Workshop team can be flexibly involved in solving ongoing projects. The team is made up of professionals in the field of design, dimensioning, computational optimization of structures, drive design, production, metrology, assembly and revitalization of test equipment.


  • National Center of Competence MESTEC2 (Mechatronics and smart technologies for engineering). Michael Valášek, funded by TAČR, project solved together with Faculty of mechanical engineering.
  • Novel concepts for analysis and design of nonlinear controllers and compensators of flexible
  • and chained mechanical systems. Tomáš Vyhlídal, funded by GAČR, project solved together with Faculty of mechanical engineering.
  • Active non-collocated vibration absorption for robots and mechanical structures. Tomáš Vyhlídal, funded by GAČR, project solved together with Faculty of mechanical engineering.
  • RICAIP – Research and Innovation Center for Advanced Industrial Production. IPA team led by Petr Kolář. Funded by EG, project solved together with other CIIRC departments.

Researchers: M. Valášek, T. Vyhlídal, P. Kolář, J. Smolík, P. Zeman, J. Švéda, M. Sulitka, A. Čermák, T. Fornůsek, P. Bastl, M. Nečas, M. Kuře)

Doctorands: M. Rytíř, T. Kratěna, M. Novák, J. Seifrt, M. Hála, Š. Feit.

Head of department

Name: Michael Valášek
Phone: +(420) 224 357 361
Email: michael.valasek(at)fs.cvut.cz 

Deputy head

Name: Petr Kolář
Phone: +(420) 221 990 900
Email: p.kolar(at)rcmt.cvut.cz