Testbed : Topics for the summer internship

If you are interested in any of the following topics please contact Pavel Burget.

Automatic calibration of the base of an industrial robot
Modern robotic applications usually interact with the environment more freely and are not based on fixed robotic programs as it used to be in the past. The free interaction is required due to the flexibility of the operations such as utilization of various tools, manipulation with different objects etc. To accomplish this, the robot must be equipped with a camera that allows automatic calibration of a base (i.e., a workplace).

Monitoring operation of industrial robots in augmented reality
Design an application for Microsoft HoleLens augmented reality headset that is able to display operational data from industrial robots based on the recognition of a certain device / robot. The HoloLens headset provides the possibilities of localization in the space based on recognizing the environment. This capability should be enhanced with the recognition of the available robots and displaying their operational data. It must also be possible to include interactive features in HoloLens based on gestures to be able to select individual components of the robots, data to display, history to show etc.

Human-robot collaboration during assembly operations
For efficient human-robot collaboration it is necessary to know the movements of the human operator so that the working trajectories of the robot avoid the ones of the human as much as possible. The purpose of this project is to design a workplace where simple assembly operations (e.g. with LEGO bricks) would be performed by the robot and by the human together. The existing workplace must be equipped with a system for watching and analyzing the human movements.

Diagnosis of PROFINET networks with respect to Industry 4.0
PROFINET is an industrial communication technology that has become number-one solution at European car manufacturers. Based on Ethernet it combines different types of communication such as real-time transfer of I/O data, TCP/IP packets or streams etc. It is important to monitor the communication continuously to be sure that the key performance indicators are met. A supervisory system must be aware of the current situation and must be able to predict potential worsening of the performance of the communication in advance. Testbed for Industry 4.0 in CIIRC is based on PROFINET.

Adaptation of Process Simulate for flexible production
Tecnomatix Process Simulate can be easily used for virtual commissioning especially while connecting Simatic PLCSim Advanced simulation tool. However, to be able to transfer necessary robotic parameters to the simulated robots it is necessary to adapt the interface of the robotic cells using Process Simulate C# API. After that it will be possible to simulate the complete production line in Testbed, control it with PLC simulators and connect an above laying Manufacturing Execution System. Various tests such as potential robot collisions can be checked in simulation before the programs are uploaded to the real devices such as robots and PLCs.