State Minister of Japan and Japanese Ambassador to the Czech Republic visited CIIRC CTU


On July 23 Mr. Ryosei Tanaka, State Minister from the Cabinet Office of Japanese Government, and Mr. Kaoru Shimazaki, Japanese Ambassador to the Czech Republic, visited CIIRC CTU to learn about the Institute’s research program.

The distinguished guests and their teams were first met by CIIRC’s director Dr. Ondřej Velek and CIIRC’s Scientific Director Prof. Vladimír Mařík who both have a close relationship with Japan as Dr. Velek completed his doctoral studies at the Tokyo University and Prof. Mařík has been cooperating with Japanese research institutions for a long time. Dr. Velek and Prof. Mařík welcomed the delegation and after a brief introduction of the Institute, showed the delegation some of the research projects carried out at the laboratories of Mobile Robotics, Autonomous Driving and Testbed for Industrial Manufacturing.

The interest of Mr. Tanaka in CIIRC CTU is understandable as the Institute has a long standing cooperation with Japanese companies, such as Toyota as well as with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). At the end of June 2019 the addendum to Memorandum of Understanding between Czech Technological Agency (TA CR) and Japanese agency NEDO was signed at CIIRC in an event organized by JETRO.