The development of autonomous cars in CIIRC advanced into the experimental phase with the Porsche Panamera


Long-term cooperation of Prof. Zdeněk Hanzálek´s developers with Porsche Engineering is significantly intensified thanks to the common experimental background. The new Porsche Panamera Turbo lended to the CIIRC Industrial Informatics department will be used for running contracts and projects in the field of autonomous automotive control.

„Dr. Špinka, head of the Mechatronics Division at Porsche Engineering, welcomes collaboration on research projects, but at the same time asks us to verify our algorithms on a real car. The department of Industrial Informatics is working, for example, on parallel algorithms for trajetorie planning, machine learning from vehicle traffic data, and time-based scheduling of computational tasks on NVIDIA multi-core processors. At the same time, we assume that the acquired know-how will speed our research in autonomous automotive control and will open the door for cooperation with other interested parties in this field″ Prof. Hanzálek said.

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