ZRUŠENO: Johanna Ullrich – 230V/50Hz – Attacking the European power grid for fun and profit


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Date(s) - 11.03.
14:30 - 16:30

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A - 303

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230V/50Hz – Attacking the European power grid for fun and profit

The synchronous grid of Continental Europe spans over 24 countries and provides power to more than 400 million people, among them Italy and Austria. Its faultless operation is key for life in our technology-oriented society. Digitization however connects more and more devices drawing high amounts of electric power with the Internet: smart TVs, smart fridges, smart thermostats, and consequently becomes a threat for reliable power grid operation, even in absence of smart grid functionality. In this talk, we shed light on the following aspects of power grid security: power grid operation and emergency routines, the design of successful attacks and their consequences for the grid,  Bitcoin and Ethereum causing blackouts, European clocks running late in 2018, security by obscurity in the energy sector and how open street data helps the researcher and adversary.

Johanna Ullrich is a key researcher at SBA Research, a research center for Information Security in Vienna, Austria. Based on her interdisciplinary background, her research focuses on security at the intersection of computer science and classical engineering. Recently, she worked on attacks against the power grid. In comparison to cyber-launched attacks, she aims to strike the grid at its electrical parts by increasing power demand at a high number of devices simultaneously. She also works on network security, in particular measuring experiments and IPv6. Johanna received a master’s degree in Automation Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science, both from TU Wien, Austria. The latter was awarded with highest distinctions by the Austrian president Dr. Alexander van der Bellen (promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis).