Career at CIIRC

Information for aspirants considering employment at CIIRC CTU

CIIRC is an opportunity for you. CIIRC is evolving, growing and strengthening. CIIRC is an open workplace. We invite all personalities and students from CTU, other foreign and Czech institutions and other individuals to cooperate with CIIRC. Collaboration may be managed by your institution’s agreement with CIIRC, by personal collaboration, by your employment with CIIRC. By contributing to CIIRC activities, you will be able to influence significantly a young developing division of CTU. CIIRC is looking for top full-time and part-time employees.

If you wish to join the CIIRC team, please contact the secretariat kontakt.

Tenders for vacancies at CTU

Two CIIRC CTU research projects are accepting new researchers: IMPACT (Intelligent Machine Perception Project) and R4I (Robotics for Industry 4.0).

Stated date of the tender is the date of its closing date.

Currently opened tenders at CTU

Completed tenders at CTU