Teams & Labs

A research group constitutes a basic unit contributing to R&D activities in CIIRC. The scope of research interests match to its members’ desire and the personality of a group leader. Research groups are unified vertically into respective departments.

CIIRC builds labs dedicated to particular research directions and constitute a base hosting certain knowledge, skills, experience, equipment, etc. Labs often span horizontally across vertically ordered research departments and their groups.

CIIRC values openness inducing cooperation across groups and teams and stimulating collaboration with outer research and industrial world. This openness is innate to labs.

Let us list the departments and groups established within departments. The list should provide the overview to the reader and provide a quick access to specific web pages maintained by individual groups (state as Nov 1, 2017).

37210 Cyber-physical systems (CYPHY, Michael Šebek)
No group established yet.

37220 Intelligent systems (INTSYS, Vladimír Mařík)
37221 Intelligent systems for industry and smart distribution networks
(ISI, Petr Kadera)
37222 Intelligent transportation systems (ITS, Pavel Hrubeš)
37223 Intelligent systems for design and realization of transport constructions
(ISC, Jan Valentin)
37224 Big data and cloud computing (BDC, Jan Šedivý)
37225 Automatic reasoning and formal methods (AIF, Josef Urban)
37226 Power engineering
37227 Smart cities
37228 Machine learning (MAL, Robert Babuška)

37230 Industrial informatics (IID, Zdeněk Hanzálek)
37231 Optimization (OPT, Přemysl Šůcha)
37232 Embedded Systems (EMB, Michal Sojka)

37240 Robotics and machine perception (RMP, Václav Hlaváč)
37241 Robotic perception (ROP, Václav Hlaváč)
37242 Intelligent and mobile robotics (IMR, Libor Přeučil)
37243 Applied algebra and geometry (AAG, Tomas Pajdla)

37250 Industrial production and automation (IPA, Michael Valášek)
37251 Machine and process control (DCM, Tomáš Vyhlídal)
37252 Effective production (EFP, Jan Smolík)
37253 Simulation, optimization and measurement (SOM, Michael Valášek)
37254 Prototype workshop and retail shop of instruments (PWR, Jan Smolík)

37260 Cognitive systems and neurosciences (COGSYS, Lenka Lhotská)
37261 Cognitive neuroscience (CON, Lenka Lhotská)
37262 Cognitive modeling (COM, Michal Vavrečka)
37263 Analysis of human motion (HMA, Václav Křemen)
37264 Neuroinformatics of normal and pathological hearing function
(NAP, Daniel Šuta)

37270 Biomedical and assistive technologies (BEAT, Olga Štěpánková)
No group established yet.

37290 Research management of platforms (PLAT, Vladimír Kučera)
37291 Center for applied cybernetics (CAK, Vladimír Kučera)
37292 AI&Reasoning (AIR, Josef Urban)
37293 IMPACT (IMPACT, Josef Šivic)
37294 Testbed (Testbed, Pavel Burget)
37295 Robotics for Industry 4.0 (R4I, Robert Babuška)