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IV. RMP: Robotics and machine perception

Autonomous robots (systems) serve as the unifying theme in RMP department. Autonomous robot are able to sense their world, perceive it, understand substantial objects in it, explore this undestanding for reasoning, decision making and planning actions fulfilling a task, which is usually assigned from outside. On the perception side, we deal mainly with computer vision and tactile sensing. Mobile robots, teams of mobile robots and robot/human cooperation are in our range of interests too. Decision making, planning and exploring algebraic/geometric tools are researched in RMP department too. Our research deals also with chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear aspects, which induces robotic and other applictaions in special environments, also for applying robots in radiopharmacy, security and defense.

Head of the department

Name: Václav Hlaváč
Phone: +(420) 603 149 689
Email: vaclav.hlavac(at)cvut.cz

RMP department divides into groups along research topics, which are also applicable outside of robotics:

  • ROP Robotic perception (lead by Václav Hlaváč)
  • IMR Intelligent and mobile robotics (lead by Libor Přeučil)
  • AAG Applied algebra and geometry (lead by Tomas Pajdla)

RMP department has also the laboratory and computational facilities at hand in the ČVUT CIIRC building in Prague 6, Dejvice campus.