ISI: Intelligent Systems for Industry

The ISI group applies AI methods in industry, including flexible production systems that adapt to current needs, data analysis for production processes, automatic inference for supply chains, and evolutionary programming for optimizing factory layouts.

Research topics:

  • distributed artificial intelligence
  • agent technologies and multi-agent systems
  • systems of systems, cyber-physical systems, Industry 4.0
  • verification and sensitive analysis of multi-agent systems
  • agent-based modeling and simulation
  • holonic systems
  • semantic technologies, ontologies, semantic integration
  • service oriented architectures and web services
  • big data

Projects: Adaptive production management, Applying Performance Analysis Concepts for Event-Based Industrial Automation Systems, Distributed Control System for Buildings, Engineering of Dynamic Simulation Models for Complex Mechatronic Systems, RA-DIC: Rockwell Automation Laboratory for Distributed Intelligent Control

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Head of the team


Name: Petr Kadera



Researchers: Petr Kadera, Václav Jirkovský, Petr Novák, Ondřej Harcuba