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VIII. PLAT: Scientific Management of Platforms

The Department PLAT for Scientific Management of Platforms serves as the CIIRC instrument to foster the horizontal collaboration among various different departments and groups within CIIRC, between CIIRC and other units of the Czech Technical University in Prague, as well as between CIIRC and external institutions. The structure of platforms is deliberately open to cope flexibly with collaboration opportunities.

Professor Kučera was asked to lead PLAT department because besides being a world class scientist in control theory he has an excellent managerial track record both at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (research institute director) and at the Czech Technical University in Prague (dean, university institute director).

Head of department

Name: Vladimír Kučera
Phone: +(420) 224 354 102
Email: vladimir.kucera(at)cvut.cz

PLAT divides into the following groups:

each of which is responsible for a large project.

PLAT further coordinates the activities of the existing platforms