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V. IPA: Industrial Production and Automation

The Department of Industrial Production and Automation aims to create a platform for the integration of research results and innovative solutions at both CIIRC and CTU faculties in order to quickly transfer them to specific (not only) industrial applications. Interdisciplinary research will focus on: the development of advanced materials including composites and surface treatments (eg using nanoscale) for applications in engineering and construction; use of advanced computational methods (including parallel computers) for simulation, optimization and control of production processes, innovative robotic systems and optimized design of products themselves; design of hybrid production technologies with increased precision (multi-axis precision machining), the use of so-called rapid technologies (welding, rapid casting); design of original methods and procedures for measuring mechanical and shape quantities, for example using laser technology or inferential sensors.

Head of department

Name: Michael Valášek
Phone: +(420) 224 357 361
Email: michael.valasek(at)fs.cvut.cz 

Deputy head

Name: Petr Kolář
Phone: +(420) 221 990 900
Email: p.kolar(at)rcmt.cvut.cz 

Department IPA divides into groups:

  • DCM Machine and process control (leads Tomáš Vyhlídal)
  • EFP Efficient Production (leads Jan Smolík)
  • SOM Simulation, Optimization and Measurement (leads Michael Valášek)
  • Prototype Workshop and Retal Shop of Instruments