CIIRC core documents

Internal regulations

  • Statutes of CIIRC (pdf)
  • Annex 1 – Organizational Structure of CIIRC (pdf)
  • Career Rules for CIIRC Academic Staff (pdf).
  • CIIRC Scientific Council Rules of Procedure (pdf)

Directives of CIIRC

  • Rules of Procedure of the CIIRC Assembly (pdf)
  • Rules of Procedure of the International Advisory Board of CIIRC (will be prepared).
  • CIIRC Promotion and Evaluation Procedures (pdf)
  • CIIRC Staff Selection Procedure (pdf)
  • Tenure Track System at CIIRC (pdf)

Periodic evaluation of CIIRC employees (pdf), Annex 1 (pdf), Annex 2 (pdf)

  • CIIRC employees evaluation schedule for 2023 (pdf)

Information for employees 

  • Information for employees about the content of the employment relationship according to § 37 of Act No. 262/2006 Coll. in Czech (pdf)

CIIRC founding documents

  • CIIRC founding document in Czech (pdf)