CRC: Cyber Resilience Center

The Cyber Resilience Center group was created as the basis of a future laboratory for testing specific electronic IT systems focused on communication technologies, and also as an entity dealing with the development of educational programs and aids serving the needs of technical and ITC education in secondary and elementary schools (2nd grade). As a follow-up to this educational program, the group also provides commercial and technical services. These are supported as business offers of services in the mentioned areas. Specifically, it is testing telecommunication systems, or measurement and evaluation of their parameters (measurement of 5G NR networks). Training programs are training business offers of one-time and repeated training runs. We provide services to state and private companies. The reduced part of the educational programs also serves as support and development of the knowledge base in the ITC field with a focus on cyber security in secondary schools throughout the Czech Republic. It is carried out in the form of direct cooperation – lectures on selected topics and with selected schools that are interested in raising the level of information technology education. Another comprehensive chapter in the group’s activities is cooperation with top companies in IT and related fields. It also includes participation in conferences with the above-mentioned topic.

Research topics:

  •  TAČR TRANSPORT 2023, CL01000171
    Advanced emergency and risk assessment system in ground communications tunnels. The University of Pardubice,
    SATRA, spol.s r.o.; KYBERTEC, s.r.o.; Czech Technical University in Prague
  • EVENT SPACE Conference – Innovation Center of the Ústí Region – Ústí nad Labem, November 2, 2023
  • Conference Where Digital Networks Are Going Olomouc 2023 May 3 and 4 2023
    telecommunications (5G) and ITC.
  • Mladá Boleslav SCADA SECURITY CONFERENCE 26.4.2023
    Critical information infrastructure – security
  • Conference Digital Transformation 2023 Jihlava April 26, 2023
    AI, IoT, and Industry 4.0. and cyber security


  • O2 signal measurement of 5G NR Kroměříž and Přerov
  • O2 Olomouc 5G signal measurement NR Olomouc
  • O2 Prague center, outer signal measurement circuit 5GNR

Head of the group

Name: Vladimír Dáňa


Researchers: Vladimír Dáňa, Boris Šimák, Oto Sládek