Invitation for students to perform research

Research teams in CIIRC have been cooperating with students, which has brought benefit to both sides. Students learn how to perform research, cooperate individually with a qualified supervisor, and learn much more than students who just hear lectures and perform lab work. Supervisors and their teams have a new open-minded collaborator. A student does not need to worry that her/his knowledge or skills are insufficient. Researchers are used to working with novices. The sooner the student starts such cooperation the better.

In summer, usually between the beginning of June and the beginning of October, the research teams offer paid internships pro students.

Please, look at pages of individual research departments to learn more about individual research work and paid summer internships.

If the department does not provide this information, contact Václav Hlaváč ( He will talk to you, learn your interests, and mediate the contact to an appropriate person.

Responsible: Václav Hlaváč