SC: Smart Cities

The goal of the research group is the design and testing of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for continuously achieving a dynamic equilibrium between the various (often conflicting) requirements of individual actors (stakeholders) in the environment of complex systems. The application area is smart cities and regions, including all affected areas (energy, transport, security, waste management, etc.) including urban industrial production.

Research topics:

  • Smart city / region as a complex system
  • Multi-agent technology (MAT) for better sustainability and resilience of urban entities
  • Integration of Industry 4.0 into the concept of smart cities and regions (urban production)

 Projects:  AI4Reasoning, Roboprox

Head of the group

Name: Miroslav Svítek


Researchers: Miroslav Svítek, Sergey Kozhevnikov

Doctorands: Viktor Beneš