CIIRC members

CIIRC members (an informal concept which yields us flexibility) are:

  • CIIRC employees,
  • CIIRC collaborators,
  • visitors,
  • and students working with the people listed above, e.g. as research assistants on projects or pursuing their qualification theses at CIIRC.

CIIRC members have access to CIIRC internal web (called CIIRC Portal). CIIRC members can be looked at informally as members of a club (Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the club as: an association of persons for some common object usually jointly supported and meeting periodically). The common objective of CIIRC members is to contribute to CIIRC ambitions and use the benefits of the CIIRC environment.

If you think you are a CIIRC member and you do not have the access to CIIRC internal web pages, please contact Václav Hlaváč.

If you cooperate with CIIRC employees and would like to become a CIIRC member, contact the head of the appropriate CIIRC department. Explain to her/him how do you plan to contribute to CIIRC activities. She/he will issue the request to become the CIIRC member (also CTU external collaborator formally).