ITS: Intelligent Transportation Systems

The Automotive R&D 4.0 Laboratory is a joint workplace of the Czech Technical University and Technical Development of ŠKODA AUTO a.s. The laboratory focuses on research and pre-development of systems and functions for the automotive industry, in particular advanced vehicle simulators. The joint activities of ČVUT and ŠKODA AUTO a.s. also aim to develop cooperation with other departments and university faculties.

The team includes 10 permanent employees (5 permanent employees at the CIIRC, the rest permanent employees at the FD), including 7 PhD students.

Research topics:

  • Automotive concept development, HMI testing and assessment
  • Development of interactive vehicle simulators
  • Simulator testing;
  • Development of methodologies for optimization of assistance systems


Due to the commercial, research and development nature of the projects, it is not possible to present more specific names and outputs.

The laboratory carries out a great deal of work for ŠKODA AUTO a.s. in commercial projects related to concept development, HMI testing and assessment, user interface, interior design and a number of other research topics. The projects have resulted in, for example, assessing user acceptance of innovative features potentially applicable in new vehicles, or the quality of handling of various HMI elements through testing in a vehicle simulator. The work for Škoda Auto also includes the design of completely new user interface elements of vehicle systems (the entire cycle from design, prototype implementation to testing with users in a simulator), or their suitable form for new vehicles. Another research area is the development of functionalities and quality improvement of interactive vehicle simulators, not only in the development of our laboratory, but also as a technology transfer for the development of Škoda Auto a.s.

Head of the team:

Name: Petr Bouchner

Researchers: Petr Bouchner,  Jan Novotný, Jaroslav Machan, Stanislav Novotný, Josef Mík, David Lehet, Alina Mashko, Ondřej Paprčka, Přemysl Toman.

Doctorands: David Lehet, Jan Novotný, Ondřej Paprčka, Přemysl Toman.