PS: Power Systems 4.0

The PS 4.0 group focuses on modern nuclear energy systems (e.g. low-cost heat production, the back of the fuel cycle, improving the use of existing nuclear fuels) and low-potential heat storage options (e.g. the use of nitrate salts and instrumentation for high temperatures and aggressive environments). For these purposes, team has built and operates its own laboratory at CIIRC with an experimental loop and an experimental thermal reservoir.

Research topics:

  • Thermal Energy Storage
  • Nitrate salt manipulation and instrumentation
  • Nuclear fuel and thermohydralics
  • Nuclear heat


  • Advanced heat storage methods (Development of a technological unit for innovative energy storage using material phase change)
  • Reactivity control system design
  • Teplator
  • Optimization of the storage of spent nuclear fuel
  • Energy Storage for electricity production
  • Surface protection of zirconium alloys with composite polycrystalline diamond coatings

Head of the group


Name: Radek Škoda


Researchers: Radek Škoda, Jan Škarohlíd, Tomáš Kořínek