For students

Join us to work on your thesis

We offer a great selection of semestral work, theses problems for students who want to work on interesting industrial problems during the academic year. The ČVUT MediaLab in cooperation with the eClub research incubator award a monthly scholarships based on per hour rates. eClub experienced mentors will help join working on projects from various IT fields: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Classification, Prediction, Neural Networks, Natural Language Understanding, Dialog Management, Question Answering, Internet of Things, Networking etc. We offer students of the ČVUT the opportunity turning the eClub project to a semestral work, the BSc or MSc thesis or getting credits. We focus on practical problems and achieve real results. Experience a large computer cluster. We offer a shared working space.

We support students research project

The ČVUT MediaLab supports projects for Czech Universities students. We pair a mentors, usually a faculty and one or more students to propose an interesting projects. We require the team to describe the project, the needed steps and equipment including the required funding. The ČVUT MediaLab Scientific board will examine and decide about the funding. The successful teams will receive the allowance.

We support students startup

The ČVUT MediaLab provides angel money for selected startups. At least one of the founders must be a ČVUT student at the time of awarding the investment. Each investment will be under a separately negotiated contract.