LaTeX template ctuthesis by T. Hejda

The unified TeX/LaTeX template for bachelor, diploma, Ph.D. theses, which would complies with the Manual of the graphical identity ČVUT (available in Czech only) created by volunteers. Especially LaTeX is widely used as a framework for typesetting at ČVUT.

RNDr. Petr Olšák from the Department of mathematics at FEL ČVUT wrote and published the well-done Plain TeX template CTUstyle on his own initiative in 2012. This template is in compliance with the ČVUT Graphical Manual.

There was a wider demand from students to create the LaTeX template very similar in appearance to the Olšák’s Plain-TeX template. P. Olšák and V. Hlaváč sought a person, who would be willing to write it. T. Hejda volunteered to perform this job. P. Olšák helped him methodically and V. Hlaváč managerially and with financial suppport from CIIRC sources. Several volunteers tested the template. The outcome was made freely available by T. Hejda in April 2015 – the LaTeX template named ctuthesis.