CSI-COP awarded as the "Best Innovative Privacy Project"



European Union Horizon 2020 project CSI-COP was awarded as the Best Innovative Privacy Project in London, UK on the 8th December 2022. It was selected the best from eight other projects shortlisted. Our institute is involved in this project as one of  the eleven partners in a consortium made up of seven universities, one non-profit, two SMEs and one Association.

The CSI-COP project investigates GDPR compliance to better understand how far we are being tracked-by-default as we use the Internet visiting websites and apps on our mobile devices. CSI-COP has engaged citizen scientists to address the growing concerns in society around privacy issues, and the methods that attempt to ensure integrity in the collection and use of data.

The unique findings on digital trackers uncovered by the citizen scientists are systematically mapped by CSI-COP consortium producing a taxonomy of trackers. The tracker taxonomy will be used to create an online repository. The repository will be available as an open-access knowledge resource on trackers embedded in cookies and apps. The knowledge resource will be a tool useful for a variety of stakeholders including data protection researchers, GDPR compliance regulators, tech journalists, software developers, parents, teachers, higher education curriculum developers, and any organisation that provides computers for public use such as libraries.

About implementation of the CSI-COP project by the department of biomedical engineering and assistive technology BEAT of our institute we have already informed here (in CZ only) and here. You can also watch the record
(also in CZ only) that was presented during the Researchers Night in September 2021 (from 1:06 to 31:15).


PICCASO Privacy Awards
rivacy, InfoSec, Culture, Change, Awareness, Societal, Organisation = PICCASO)

will recognise the people making an outstanding contribution to this dynamic and fast-growing sector—from the professionals ensuring their companies meet increasingly complex legal demands to the academics and engineers pushing privacy thought leadership and innovative protections forward. Fifteen awards categories will honour both organisations and individuals that are shaping the present and future of privacy and data protection.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº873169.

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