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CSMA - Center for statistical modeling and analysis

CSMA aims to become an excellent interdisciplinary center which brings together both professionals with an established scientific and application potential, as well as younger researchers and students from many different areas dealing with data analysis, probabilistic and statistical modeling. It presents theoretical and application research platform operating across research groups and teams that are able to interact and build strategic partnerships for interdisciplinary research, practical applications and for submission of grant applications in the Czech Republic and abroad. The key activities of the CSMA include research, development and non-standard application of probabilistic and statistical methods in various fields of engineering, natural and other sciences.

Head of the platform

Name: Marek Brabec
Phone: +(420) 224 359 547
Email: marek.brabec(at)cvut.cz

The focus of the CSMA is the following:

  • research and application activity based on cooperation with other teams within the CTU, the Czech Republic and abroad within the framework of existing or new research projects,
  • industrial cooperation projects,
  • the organization of specialized seminars and workshops on the theme of advanced applications of mathematical statistics in engineering, science and other sciences,
  • education and popularization highlighting the theoretical possibilities and practical importance of statistical modeling in general and especially in technical applications,
  • consultation and cooperation in the field of advanced statistical techniques to researchers, post-docs and PhD students to help them for preparation, processing and publication of their projects,
  • consultancy in the application of advanced statistical techniques for commercial partners.