CIIRC newcomers guide

Introduction, aim of the document

This guide summarizes steps and procedures the newcomer (a new employee, a new trainee, a future Ph.D. student and a short-term visitor) is advised to follow when becoming a member of the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics (CIIRC), a part of the Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague.

Each newcomer should have a CIIRC supervisor/host allocated to him. The supervisor/host is usually a person appointed by the head of the team the new employee is joining. If the supervisor/host has not been assigned, the newcomer should contact the CIIRC secretariat.

Where can you find us?

The ČVUT-CIIRC building in Prague 6, Dejvice, Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580/3.
GPS 50°6’13.576″N, 14°23’40.243″E

There is a small separate unit dealing with projects administration in Brno, 602 00 Brno, Údolní 244/53, building U14, room 211

Short time visitors

Short time visitors should contact their host or the CIIRC secretariat, Ms. Lenka Lovett, see CIIRC contact, who can help with:

  1. Accommodation and visa.
  2. A building entry card or a copy of an office key
  3. The allocation of a hot desk/working location (after discussion with the visitor’s host).
  4. The host (a CIIRC employee) can ask the CIIRC IT support team (Jan Kreps) to get information about the wireless connection network and access to the CTU network, etc.

A new employee or trainee

Every new employee or intern should together with his supervisor first visit the human resources department (HR).

  1. All human resources matters (work contracts, wages, foreigner´s residence, etc.) are dealt with by Zuzana Hochmeisterová or Nora Bank.
  2. HR staff first check if there is a record of the newcomer in the CTU information system (e.g. because she/he was/is a student or employee of another part of the CTU). It is not possible to create any account or access to the CIIRC system without registering in UDB (ČVUT Central Register of Identities) and obtaining a ČVUT personal number. Records of employees (having a work contract) or temporary employees/contractors (having an Agreement to Perform a Job) are created automatically via a personnel application called EGJE. Records of CTU students are created via a study information system called KOS. Records of all other associates (e.g. visiting professors, trainees, external cooperators, suppliers, etc.) must be entered and maintained manually. An ID document is needed (ID card, passport).
  3. To access most of the CTU applications and the CTU network, an employee will obtain the first (initial) password. It can be obtained at the ID Card Publishing House of ČVUT (Vydavatelství karet ČVUT),
    see or for more information see (Bechyňova 6, Prague 6). It is necessary to sign a work contract first and have a record in the ČVUT personal database (UDB), which generates one´s username. This happens during the process of issuing the ČVUT personal card. To obtain this card, the newcomer must provide a portrait photo (which will be returned back) or the photo will be taken on the spot. The first card is free of charge.
  4. The initial password must be changed via the CTU Usermap (Employee and Student contact database)
    at or after logging
    in using the initial password (right upper corner). You will create your main ČVUT password (10 characters, some of them must be digits, use both capital and small letters). The main ČVUT password provides access
    to the ČVUT information systems.
  5. A CIIRC employee also has the access to the CIIRC internal web page (intranet). It can be accessed via CIIRC username/password. A CIIRC account and CIIRC email address will be created automatically. The format of an email address is
  6. You can create your CIIRC password, which is needed to access the internal CIIRC web page, at . But you need to have the main CTU password first.
  7. In case you want to forward your CIIRC emails to another address, follow the instruction at .
  8. All employees are expected to use the application PES (Portal of Economic Services)
  9. You can apply for a leave or other kind of absence (“Nepřítomnosti” / “nový záznam nepřítomnosti: DOV – Leave” / “Save and Předat ke schválení”). Unfortunately even in English version of PES most of buttons/tables are in Czech. “Save and Předat ke schválení” (save and send-off to be approved) is important, as without it, your request will not be approved by the superior and you will only create a plan of leave.
  10. It is compulsory to fill in your plan of leave as soon as you become an employee. The records will only be saved and can be cancelled or sent off for the approval as soon as you are sure you need the day off.
  11. You can view or print your payslip (“Výplata”) from PES, as you will not receive a hard copy from the human resources unit.
  12. To arrange a business trip ( “Cesty”), see

A student intending to become a CIIRC member

A student can become a CIIRC member if their either pursue their qualification theses at CIIRC or contirbute to projects of CIIRC employees, CIIRC collaborators, CIIRC supporters, or CIIRC visitors. The student has to contact her/his advisor from the list of people mentioned above to arrange a CIIRC (student) member status. The student is a CIIRC member as long as she/he collaborates with a supervisor from CIIRC.

The scope of CIIRC administrative services

  1. Administrative support of CIIRC projects – applications, accounting, reporting: Vít Dočkal
  2. Purchase orders, minor expenditures: Jitka Suchá
  3. Invoices, accountancy: Sylva Fafejtová
  4. Business lunches, reservation, catering: Michaela Horáková
  5. CIIRC visitors: Michaela Horáková
  6. Business trips: travel approval request, travel reimbursement claims, fees, transportation, accommodation, per diem, etc.: Due to the longer illness of Eva Snášelová, the job is distributed among several people. Ask Michaela Horáková.
  7. Agenda of human resources – employment matters, work contracts, payment of wages, residence permit, work permit, etc.: Zuzana Hochmeisterová

Responsible: Michaela Horáková