Viktor Larsson: „Geometric Estimation with Radial Distortion“


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Date(s) - 29.08.
11:00 - 14:00

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Viktor Larsson  (ETH Zurich, CH)
„Geometric Estimation with Radial Distortion“

Thursday 2019-08-29 at 11:00
CIIRC Room B-670 (building B, floor 6)


While many modern cameras can be approximated as a pinhole camera, more complicated models are necessary to achieve higher quality reconstruction and localization results. For most cameras the modeling error is dominated by radial distortion. This distortion  is a non-linear warping of the image plane and this extra non-linearity makes geometric estimation problems more difficult. In this talk I will present two recent papers about dealing with radial distortion in geometric vision. We will look at two fundamental  problems; two-view triangulation and absolute camera pose estimation. I will also briefly present some currently ongoing work related to calibrated radial multiple-view geometry.

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