Project name: ROS-based Education of Advanced Motion Planning and Control
Project website:
ID code: 23517
Call: EIT Manufacturing 2nd Call for Proposals 2023
Supported by: European Union – EIT Manufacturing
Project duration: 01/2023-12/2023
Principal investigator at CIIRC: Dr. Libor Přeučil
Coordinator: University of Tartu
Project partners: CTU
Budget: Total budget: €249,385
EU support: €249,385
Support for CIIRC CTU: €73,000

Our project aims at building technical expertise amongst early career professionals and experts in the field of autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) and their application in manufacturing companies, specifically logistics and warehouse automation ventures. We will build on our previous project RIEMANN where we cover technical and algorithmic aspects of motion planning for AGVs. In the current project, we will expand our scope of technical material to focus more on using ROS with manipulators and coordination with AGVs; a key requirement outlined not-only by our end-users but by other manufacturing companies as well. The project will also train users to implement the algorithms across different AGV platforms with different kinematic and geometric structures. Finally, our project will also cover the use-cases where AGVs will interact with manipulators; a common manufacturing use-case for which there is a strong need for relevant technical know-how.