RoVozCi - Robotic Pallet Truck


Project name: Robotic Pallet Truck
Acronym: RoVozCi
Project website: Does not have it yet.
ID code: FW08010076
Supported by: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR)
Programme: TREND
Project duration: 06/2023 – 12/2025
Eligible costs: 7.374 mil. CZK
Co-investigator at CTU: Prof. Ing. Václav Hlaváč, CSc.
Coordinator: KM Robotics s.r.o.
Press Release

The Robotic brick pallet truck project aims to industrially investigate and in experimental development to prepare a semi-autonomous robotic pallet truck at the level of a functional sample. The project will develop the initial version of the RoVozCi semiautonomous electric pallet truck, primarily used to transport bricks on one building floor. Second, it will be able to transport the Robot-Mason to another location on the floor and rotate the Robot-Mason while bricking a corner and continuing along a perpendicular wall. A construction worker has been working with a manually operated motorized pallet truck. Robot-Zedník will be delivered to the market with a manual pallet truck.