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VII. BEAT Biomedical engineering and assistive technology

New medical devices, ever more accurate methods of biochemical sample analysis, the mass availability of mobile technologies and wirelessly communicating sensors offer unparalleled possibilities for acquiring, reading, and storing data about physiological states and processes of living creatures. In order to make the best possible use of these data, it is necessary to link knowledge and skills of professionals from a wide range of areas (electronics, signal processing, SW engineering, cyber security, health) with intention to seek new methods of using them to improve diagnostics, provide personalized medicine and develop new devices, aids, or procedures for effective care. The department is committed to contributing to these goals – it is focused on design, development and testing of tools for the collection, processing, efficient interpretation and use of relevant complex data from heterogeneous sources.

Heat of the department

Name: Olga Štěpánková
Phone: +(420) 224 357 233
Email: olga.stepankova(at)cvut.cz