Summer internships for students in 2022

We offer students a summer job in the Robotic Perception Group (ROP). Students become student research assistants working on a particular research project and are paid for by the project. Each student will have a supervisor. A specific agreement has to be done with her or him. See the list of offered topics. Contact the supervisor of the topic you like.

The usual student summer job lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. The job can be divided into several non-consecutive periods of time. The first two weeks serve for the cooperation testing. If the student does not like the job or if the supervisor is not happy with the student’s performance, the job can be stopped after two weeks. Students who have not studied at the university yet are offered jobs for two weeks initially. If both sides of the contract, the student and the supervisor like it, the job can be prolonged.

The pay is counted for 160 hours per month at the following rates (before the tax; tax is deduced) in CZK per hour → CZK per month: after A-level from the secondary school 140 → 22,400; after Bc1 150 → 24,000; after 160 → 25,600; after Bc3 170 → 27,200, after Mag1 180 → 28,800, after Mag2 200→ 32,000, after Mag/Ing graduation 220 → 35,200. The average gross wages in the Czech Republic was CZK 40 135 Kč in the Q4 of the year 2021.

The list of topics, their brief descriptions, and supervisors can be found in a spreadsheet. Interested students, please, call Václav Hlaváč on his mobile phone number +420 603 149 689. He will make an entry interview with you. He will link you to the supervisor.  You can call between 7:00 and 20:00 including on weekends. Call also if you do not know which topic to select.

If the student passed the entry interview with Václav Hlaváč or worked with an advisor before she/he appears at the managerial table (not visible publicaly because of personal data protection). The emails and mobile phone numbers of students are available to potential supervisors.

Responsible: Václav Hlaváč