CIIRC leadership rearranged. Director Ondřej Velek. Scientific Director Vladimír Mařík.


The five-month turbulence in the CIIRC CTU has finally led to an optimistic outlook. The rector of the Czech Technical University, doc. Vojtěch Petráček, and the management of the CIIRC CTU agreed on a compromise solution that was settled with the help of the Government of the Czech Republic. The new position of the Scientific Director was created and is now on hold by Prof. Vladimír Mařík. New tender for the position of the director of the CIIRC CTU has been announced. Mgr. Ondřej Velek , Ph.D. is in charge of the Director of CIIRC CTU.

The  agreed solution has been reflected in the CIIRC CTU Statute and Organizational Structure which the Rector submitted to the Academic Senate CTU for an approval. The Academic Senate CTU approved both documents on October 31, 2018.

CIIRC CTU team very much appreciate prof. Vladimír Kučera  who helped CIIRC CTU in his position of the authorized director of the CIIRC CTU to undergo a five-month turbulent period.

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